GPS is the Devil Bobby!

October 5, 2015

So much for live posting guys,
I lugged my laptop around all day and I only live posted twice due to my jam packed schedule! But I did live tweet for most of the day so if you missed that, you really missed out.  Don't miss out on it tomorrow! I will not be trying to live blog tomorrow I just cannot lug this computer around again my back is not having it. Anyway what happened the rest of my afternoon? Well we had two more panel discussions and then we had a career fair, 16 companies were stationed and ready for our eager questions and resumes! I made plenty of amazing connections that I plan on capitalizing on this week and making sure I connect with them again and thank them for their time.  Then I had the afternoon to myself! 

With late afternoon and evening left open to me, I quick finished up my homework for tomorrow and ran out the door as fast as I could!  I really wanted to go to Readings Terminal Market but they were closing by the time I was making my way out the door so instead I decided to go to Love Park because I had seen photos that promised me a pink fountain and how can I come to Philly and not see the LOVE statue?? Well if you ask me you can't. 
This is where my title comes in.  My GPS told me it was taking me to Love Park and it first took me three blocks the wrong direction, I finally got going the right way and instead of Love Park my GPS took me to Logan Square which was still really pretty but not where I was trying to go!  So I tried again... Second time was the charm, even though I'm 80% sure it took me the most round about way possible, it turns out Love Park is seriously only two-ish blocks from my hotel but I had walked four blocks away! Thanks a lot GPS.  Just as the sun was setting I made it! And let me tell you it was definitely worth it! The pink fountain is even more beautiful in person than it was in the pictures I saw of it!  I had been warned that the homeless people hanging out in the park would want me to pay them to take my picture and since I'm okay with this whole solo travel thing I was determined to selfie my way through but I caved and spent two dollars to have my picture taken in front of the Love Statue and it was the best two dollars I have spent on this trip.  


Now I was on the look out for food,,, I had no idea where I was and so I stopped at an information booth and asked and they sent me to a couple of streets and of course I got lost.  So I stopped at a hotel and was about to call myself a Lyft but decided to treat myself to some Italian food (gluten free wasn't an option at the Summit lunch that they provided so I figured I might as well treat myself) and so I started my trek to Fratelli's because the Yelp reviews were amazing! I ordered a simple chicken parmesan that was $20, like I said I was treating myself.  And I was promptly disappointed.  My chicken was subpar at best and not at all worth $20.  So I thought, okay how about some dessert?  I ordered the creme brûlée and while it wasn't as good as the Rose Tattoo Cafe's Pumpkin Creme Brûlée it was a close second!  Creme Brûlée might be my new favorite dessert! And now I am watching the Voice since I don't get NBC at home and probably going to turn in early since I have another early start to my day tomorrow! 





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