Blogtember // Currently in September

September 12, 2015

I can practically see most of you double taking at the unprecedented Saturday post! That makes three posts this week! *Gasp*  Okay, all jokes aside I have been saying forever that I want to start posting more often and now I am finally following through.  I am participating in'sBlogtember Challenge.  A different post prompt each day, while I can't promise I will post everyday, especially with school starting on Monday, I promise to post for as many as I can during Blogtember! Now onto Currently In September -- 

*Reading*- Inheritance by Christopher Paolini (again)
*Playing*- what not to wear with my dresser, attempting yet again to thin out my overflowing drawers, and while the pile of clothing on the floor says I was successful my drawers that are overflowing say otherwise. 
*Watching*- Chopped, Season Two
*Trying*- To become more okay not being as strong as I want to be right now, but working on getting there and being okay not having all the answers
*Cooking*- Hardly ever but once school starts it's back on track with my healthy eating
*Eating*- Crap because I haven't gone grocery shopping in weeks
*Drinking*- Mostly water, occasionally pop, trying so hard to kick the habit once again.  I went over 6 months without it and then caved and now it's a long dig back out of the rabbit hole.
*Calling*- My mom, on an almost daily basis with some adult crisis or another or because I'm bored 
*Texting*- My mom and sister annoying memes instead of having an actual conversation because it's more fun that way
*Pinning*- Not as regularly as I used to, I have gotten sidetracked from Pinterest but would like to get back in the swing of things
*Tweeting*- About my latest outfit post on my blog!
*Going*- To work tomorrow morning so I am actually writing this post on Friday night
*Loving*- All the time I have had to myself lately
*Hating*- My current weaknesses and anxieties but realizing that the only way to grow is to move on and keep trying to get stronger
*Discovering*- I care too much what other people think, about me and my actions and really the only person whose opinion counts is me. 
*Thinking*- About how badly I want to lay in bed all day tomorrow and read but instead I have to adult
*Feeling*- A little homesick, pretty typical
*Hoping*- That a few tricks up my sleeve pan out in the best ways possible
*Listening (to)*- Best Friends by Yelawolf and Eminem
*Celebrating*- The beginning of my final quarter at SCAD on Monday
*Smelling*- Like Chipotle and shampoo, yum ;)
*Thanking*- My mom for listening to all my problems big or small and always offering me the best advice that she has
*Considering*- How to best handle all of my dreams and goals without becoming overwhelmed and giving up
*Starting*- To thin out my wardrobe, haha, if you know me you realize that this is a great struggle and I am loathe to get rid of my clothes
*Finishing*- Inheritance hopefully this weekend, I have so many other books to read! Be on the look out for a good reads page so you can see what I'm reading and maybe find a few suggestions to add to your list!


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