Free For All Friday

March 20, 2015

Sorry this post is so late in the day, however I was enjoying some much needed sleep! I am enjoying my only day off this week and trying to wrap my head around how my school can get away with giving us homework over spring break. Keep in mind our spring break is a break between quarters, meaning I just wrapped up finals and am not technically enrolled in any classes. Obviously I am a little bitter. Anyway lets get to the fun stuff. 

1.  The new IT haircuts for spring as told by Harpers Bazaar. 

The Boy Cut
The Look:
Short (buzzed for the daring) on the sides and long and heavy on top, the versatile new pixie cut can go either bad girl or dream girl—see Scarlett Johansson as an example of the latter—depending on how you style it.


The Non-Style
The Look:
Long, grown-out layers and unfinished ends, seen here on model Anna Ewers, that say, “I thought about getting a trim months ago…but didn’t.”



The Asymmetrical Bob
The Look:
Last year’s lob and bob trend continues, only now they’re parted deeply to the side for a slightly uneven, edgier effect.


I LOVE the boy cut, however I don’t think I can commit to short hair again. But seeing these women with this hair cut I am leaning towards cutting it off again. The last time I was having short hair thoughts though I had a dream where I cut off my hair and I started bawling and woke up freaking out thinking I had cut my hair off…. So maybe not for me I think for now I will stick to the non style style which is how my hair is during the summer humidity! 

2. I wasn’t aware of the new trend that is Bants? Boots and pants in one? I stumbled upon this article on Marie Claire by Carolina O’Neill, Bants combine the look of leather leggings and boots. Reading her notes on her experience with the bants is comical and I promise will give you a laugh so head over to Marie Claire and then come back and tell me what your thoughts are on this new style!

3.. Heidi’s Chloe and Isabel Boutique is giving you 20% off the Chloe and Isabel earrings that were featured in Redbook! Head over to her facebook page to read the details and see a way to style the earrings! Heidi’s Chloe and Isabel Boutique4. Insurgent comes out today! And I am thinking once I get my To-Do list done I will be making a trip to Pooler and seeing that on the big screen! For those of you that haven’t seen the trailer it’s below and if you haven’t read the books you need to! It is a great series even if I am bitter about the end. Four is my husband, but I will let Tris have him for now… ;)

5. I am still giving away a print from Sweet Water Decor! Please enter! Who doesn’t want free things? These prints are a beautiful way to decorate your house and at a reasonable price!

This is the print that I chose, see my pervious post to see where I put it in my apartment!




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