Free For All Friday!

March 13, 2015


FINALS ARE OVER!! I am so excited you have no idea but now I get to begin working for the next week the crazy time that is St Patricks Day in Savannah.  Not so excited for that. Anyway I have some really interesting finds for you all this week so here we go!

1.  Lets start off on a light note,,, This article from MTV made me laugh so hard because I don’t know if they were serious or not, its called 7 Terrible Lessons Cinderella Taught You About Parties, brought to you in honor of the new Cinderella movie that hits theaters TODAY! I wish I had time to go see it.  Some highlights from the article include,

Lie about your identity, Sure Why Not. Unless you’re a secret agent, you should tell the truth about who you are. Cinderella is not, to my knowledge, a secret agent. (accompanied but this awesome .gif)

Monopolizing the Hosts attention is a fine thing to do. Oh sure, Cinderella, hog the Prince’s attention all night even though he threw a bash for thousands of people — some of them traveled from made-up, far-off kingdoms just to be there! And because of you, they never even got a “hello!” The host of a party needs to acknowledge all of his or her guests, but thanks to Cinderella, this practice has largely been eliminated from modern society.


They did have one valid point however, You can violate the basic rights of animals if you need a ride. One thing that floored me about Cindy’s story is how her poor animal friends were transformed into drivers, footmen, and horses without their permission. Everyone’s body is their own, and using magic to contort animals to serve your own purposes merits a call to PETA for sure. (I’m not sure how applicable this is to modern society however, I personally have never rode in a pumpkin chariot pulled by mice turned into horses but hey maybe i’m not living life to the fullest who knows!)

2. Nylon did an article about the most inspiring red carpet photos.. Pointing out that women on the red carpet have been known to use that publicity to make empowering statements.  They start out with J-Law and I love her so obviously this caught my attention, then they talk about Ellen when she walked the red carpet in 1997 with her then gf Anne Heche at the Emmys and how they are believed to be the first same sex couple to walk the red carpet! You go girl! The article goes on and is definitely worth the read.  Link at the beginning of this little recap!

3. I found this article during class and drew the attention of at least half my classmates because they were so blown away! A British menswear label, Jacamo, commissioned a study of women’s ideal man, but they polled both men and women.  The results will blow your mind!

“While men state that a woman’s ideal man would be made up of Justin Bieber’s hair, Gerard Butler’s chiselled face, Hugh Jackman’s moviestar arms, David Gandy’s tight abs and Cristiano Ronaldo’s smooth legs, the response from women showed a contrasting view, set to be welcomed by men across the country.” (

In reality, women in the UK lust over Prince Harry’s cheeky smile and comedian James Corden’s hair, research says. (

So ready to see the results as digitally rendered?

This is what men think women’s ideal man looks like:

And this is what women actually want (according to the women polled):

Now the reason this drew so much attention from me and my classmates is because we disagree strongly (I should point out that my classes are dominantly female with one gay male who also disagreed).  Now women all want something different I get that but I am by far more attracted to the man on top (haha I made a funny) maybe that says something about me I don’t have the greatest taste in men as far as stability goes but the bottom picture doesn’t attract me at all… What are your thoughts ladies?  (Read the article HERE)

4. This next one is hilarious, What each US state is best at.  I’m just going to list the two states that I currently count as home for me but please check this article out because it is worth the laugh and random trivia knowledge!

Minnesota: Most Food Cooperatives per Capita

Midwesterners have a reputation for being friendly. Synonym for friendly? Cooperative. Coincidence? Not in the least.

This one is kind of lame, but still true!

Georgia : Top Peanut Producer 

Georgia is the biggest producer of peanuts in the country. Just ask the sole president who hails from Georgia, Jimmy Carter, a peanut farmer himself.

Not surprising because you can find boiled peanuts at every gas station and roadside stand in the state.

These two were not the most interesting ones so I am going to throw a super funny one in here just to encourage you to take a look.

North Dakota: Biggest penises

Not a lot of exposition required here.

5.  I AM BEING FEATURED ON A GREAT BLOG! This month I am sponsoring September Farm’s blog and she did this nice little Q & A with me and was so great to work with, her blog is one of my favorites to sponsor! Along with this nice little write up you can find me in her sidebar and participating in her group giveaway this month!

How was your week guys? And remember today is Friday the 13 so watch out for black cats and ladders!









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