Free For All Friday!

February 27, 2015

Hey guys it is Friday again! Unfortunately I am on my way to work and it’s cold and rainy but no class on Friday’s so really how much can I complain? Anyway here are my random ramblings and findings for this week!

1. 23 Types of Drunk You’ve Been at Least Once, As Told by Disney I get a huge kick out of articles like this mostly because I am a kid at heart and love Disney movies but honestly who doesn’t? This article from Buzzfeed will make you laugh and hopefully if you’re stuck in the frozen tundra that will at least improve your day a little. And sadly these were almost all very relatable, at least for me and I went into it not expecting to like the article. Here is a taste of the .gifs they expertly used:



Ursula hip thrusting, really what else do you need to make your day better?

2.  I don’t know if you have noticed but in my left sidebar there is a menu, and that menu has a new tab!  It is also the previous post but I am going to talk about it again anyway.  The Use Me tab tells you a little bit about how you can use my blog to help you!  But I am working on doing more than what I have listed there, I would like to eventually put my logo and branding work up there but baby steps!  In Fashion Marketing and Management it seems like everyday they are asking us to brand ourselves, or make believe companies or clothing lines.  So I have decided to make put it to work for myself! If you want to see something I have done for someone else click the blog on my right sidebar and read her post about a logo I designed for her Chloe and Isabel shop and then head to Heidi’s Chloe and Isabel Boutique on facebook and see her new Facebook cover photo that I designed along with a different logo she can use for stationary, emails, etc.  Also you can go to my website, and check out how I designed that and my logo and some of my other branding work in my portfolio!

P.S. if you need a little extra something in your design arsenal Design Cuts has a deal going on right now where you can download a $500 design package for only $29! Link is HERE! also I am not being paid to say that, I downloaded it for myself and while not all of it makes sense to me I am working my way through it and am very very happy I found it and decided to buy it.

3.  I don’t know if you have seen this article yet but if you haven’t here is a heartwarming story that just further convinces me that I need a dog.  Because they are therapeutic. Science says so. The article is about students that are struggling to read being helped by therapy dogs, what they do is the kids sit down and practice reading to the dogs and it provides a judgement free zone where the kids don’t can feel safe and comfortable about practicing their reading skills. The program began last October and has been very successful.  How could it not be??! Dogs are awesome.  They used to bring therapy dogs to the freshman dorms every friday for students to play with.  If there is anything I miss about those dorms it’s the dogs. The article is worth the read plus there are some adorable dog pictures.

4.  SOMEONE STOLE THAT GORGEOUS $150K PEARL DRESS THAT LUPITA NYONG’O’S WORE TO THE OSCARS!!! Who would commit such a heinous crime? but really I don’t know if you guys saw it, I’m sure you did this has been all over the news but I was on Tumblr and some of the fashion blogs I follow were posting images of the making of the dress and let me tell you it looked like a pain in the ass. The actress worked with designer Francisco Costa to create the the halter-neck silhouette, covered with over 6,000 natural pearls (yahoo news). 6,000 NATURAL pearls. The dress was stolen from her room at the London Hotel in West Hollywood on Tuesday, it is like a real life game of Clue! So now how do we find out who did it, in what room and with what instrument…. Actually lets just watch the security cameras.

5. Tipped workers in New York are now getting paid a minimum wage of $7.50!!! Unfortunately it won’t go into affect until the end of the year but it is a step in the right direction especially since in Georgia they can pay us a sad sad sum of $2.13. “Ya but you get tips” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA it would be different if everyone that came into the restaurant had worked in the service industry and understood “tipping”.  $1 tip on a $13 tab isn’t even worth the time I took to greet you. Not to sound ungrateful but I have bills to pay too and if you can’t afford to tip your waiter or waitress decently, don’t go out to eat.

So that’s my Friday news y’all! I hope you enjoyed! Share your articles that you found these week I love to learn from you guys!



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