Valentine's Day

February 14, 2015

Don’t let that title fool you, this is not an “I love Valentine’s Day because my significant other is so awesome,, blah blah blah” post. Not that you couples don’t have a reason to celebrate, go on get it out of your system come Sunday I will probably be buying the assorted chocolate Russell Stover box for 50% off and laughing at people that paid full price.

Anyway I don’t hate Valentine’s Day, in fact I rather enjoy it I always get thoughtful gifts and cards from my family and that makes it really hard to hate a holiday that is basically designed to make single people feel left out. If you say anything about “galentines” day parties I will remind you that it is VALENTINES day not GALENTINES day but I do love me some galentines parties with other single ladies and all the drinks that entails. Unfortunately I can’t go to my friends galentines day party because I will be babysitting an adorable 2 year old so his parents can have a nice date night. But let’s be real the reason I am so chill about Valentine’s Day is because I have nothing to compare it to. Most of my “adult” life I have been single. When I was in high school I think there were two Valentine’s Day’s where I was in a relationship. And honestly my boyfriends were to broke to do anything super special, not that our days spent together weren’t great and all that but I know a girl whose boyfriend is taking her on a surprise getaway weekend. The most I miss about Valentine’s Day is waking up to my mom having snuck in my room and placed cards in mine and my sisters bed. Seriously. Those days were awesome. And even now I still get cards and gifts, the best part is now I have younger siblings and cousins that send me coloring pages and actual Valentine’s Day cards. You really can’t beat that. Anyway I just wanted to post a little about my Valentine’s Day and let y’all get to know me better and I really just wanted to rant a little so forgive me!
Enjoy these pictures of my fabulous gifts and heartfelt letters!

What are your plans for Valentine’s Day??



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