Free For All Friday!

February 14, 2015

If you follow me on twitter then you already have heard some ramblings from me about what I wanted to theme my Free For All Friday post about,,, and if you haven’t I shall share again anyway! This week I am going to share five things that make me happy and feel like I have got my shit together. We all have those things, when we do them we just feel like whatever happens we can deal with it right? Is it just me? Anyway here are five of mine!

1. Reading a really good book and being able to finish it. I don’t get a lot of time to read so when I can actually finish a book I feel like I have accomplished something major. Plus I love reading so it always puts me in a good mood, it’s like a short trip somewhere new!

2. Cleaning my room,, I almost always put this off until I’m so overwhelmed with other stuff to do I clean my room to procrastinate. But it usually puts me in such a good mood that I’m ready to bust out my homework or whatever else I have to get done!

3. Having freshly painted nails, it doesn’t have to be professionally done but taking that time for myself and just sitting down and painting my nails makes me feel like I’m ready for anything!

4.Working out.  I have been religiously going to Power Yoga, Core Strength Yoga, and Barre classes every chance I get and I always feel like a million dollars when I’m done.  Even on those days where I really have to convince myself to get out of bed and go to the class it is always worth it!

5. Alright this one is a little random but waxing. Going and getting a wax, legs, pits, eyebrows, arms, bikini pick your poison once I get a wax I literally feel like I could take on anything life has to throw at me. I think part of that is from knowing that I don’t have to worry about it for the next four weeks and I can use that time for something else and my girl is so fast I’m in and out in less than thirty minutes.

What do you guys do that makes you happy and you can conquer the rest of your day or week???

Also starting a 50 day no spend on clothes and accessories! Inspired by Heid ‘n Speaks 100 day no spend but I don’t think I am strong enough for that yet so starting with fifty days!

PS Keep your eyes open for a new giveaway! And if you haven’t already enter in our giveaway collaboration in my previous post!!




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