Mercury and Mourning

January 29, 2015

Not to interrupt your week with a maudlin post but this week has been especially tough for me and mine.  Originally I chalked it up to a bad day,, you know we all have them but really it turns out there may be an explanation.  Mercury is in retrograde, which means that it looks as though it is spinning backwards.  While I don’t put a lot of faith in Astrology I do think that the time of the lunar cycle that we were born in does have an effect on who we are as a person and I do occasionally visit a psychic here in Georgia.  However, this article explains the retrograde and honestly it makes a lot of sense to me.  Monday my family lost someone that was very close to us, I made a total of $16 at work, which does not pay my bills.  So I was up late monday night mourning the loss of someone important and up right away Tuesday to go to class.  Of course I had to present in class, I drank too much Spark which meant that I was hyper aware of everything and fidgeted my way through my presentation.  Then I found out that I didn’t get the internship I was trying to get even though I had made it through two steps of the interview process.  Later I found out that a internship position that I thought I had basically nailed down, fell through.  Deciding that if I didn’t leave my bed I wouldn’t have any issues I began working on my current internship tasks, only to have word quit on me midway through my product descriptions.  And so far this week I have gotten two parking tickets, totaling $45 which when all I’ve made at work this week is $20 doesn’t balance out very well.  Today has not been much better and the weight of it all makes me never want to leave my bed.  Just know that if you are having some crap days you are not alone!! Now I didn’t write this because I want your sympathy but to let you know that if you are struggling it is going to get better.  Also I needed to talk it out and well you guys are my listeners to thank you!

The thing about losing someone is that the process of grief is the same every time, you go through the same stages.  Sometimes it takes longer than others and I find myself trying to appreciate everything that this loss has to teach me.  It is hard to look at it that way because they’re gone and it sucks.  But I have a great support system and my mom is there to make sure I drag my ass out of bed every morning and get on with my life and for that I am truly thankful.

So kiss your loved ones, and know that the retrograde won’t last forever and check out the article linked above to learn more about it!



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