Free For All Friday!

January 17, 2015

I have nothing snarky to say in this intro,, I am saving it all for this Free For All Friday post guys I have so much to share!

1. This basically sums up exactly how I feel about begin single at this time in my life, I have a lot going on but I also think that if the right man comes along I would like to think that I could find the time to make it work. Until then I will look at these hilariously correct .gifs about being undateable and #seriouslysingle.

2. I don’t know if you guys have had a chance to look yet, but Chloe and Isabel just launched two new lines and they are to die for! Take Heart and Palm Royal I haven’t decided which one is my favorite but please look at them and let me know which ones are your favorites because I have such trouble deciding which ones to buy! Their jewelry is so amazing I can’t choose which ones to buy on my college budget! But I bought from the Chloe and Isabel Semi Annual sale and these were two of my purchases.

Shop now HERE!


Color Code Plum Cocktail Ring $42
Crystal Square Pendant Necklace$28

These are two of my favorite pieces from the new collections



Palm Royal North-South Ring $42


Trésors Key to My Heart Charm $32

3.  I just started doing yoga and I am loving it! I wasn’t sure how I would feel about it but I seriously love it and I feel terribly wonderfully sore for days after and I love that feeling too.  I still can’t do weights until I am cleared by the chiropractor but until then I will keep using my body weight to build muscle and burn calories in a fun group environment.  I am currently doing power yoga, restorative yoga, and Piyo.  I am considering doing a Barre class but I am not sure how I feel about it so if any of you ladies have done that class please let me know what you think of it!

4.  All of my shows come back next week!! Except Teen Wolf of course there still isn’t a release date for the next season yet but it’s coming slowly but surely! What shows are you waiting for to come back from their mid-season hiatus?

5.  This is the BIG one!! I will be doing a giveaway next week of two Chloe and Isabel necklaces and I cannot wait to get the giveaway started to be prepared ladies!! Also I think I will do another gift guide for all you Valentines day supporters! What do you guys think?




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