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December 20, 2014

So as I sit here recovering from having all four wisdom teeth removed I decided to do a special Saturday post!  Yesterday post surgery my mom and I got in the Christmas spirit and decided to decorate the house and set up two, yes two, Christmas trees.  This is the first year my mom had done a themed tree, not that she hasn’t wanted to do one previous years it’s just this year she finally gave in to the urge. This post is about how she made the awesome bow tree topper, find the tutorial here, and how we made the supposedly most delicious cookies known to man kind.  I wouldn’t know because I am on a soft food diet until hopefully tomorrow.  Cookie Recipe can be foundhere.  I also mentioned yesterday that I am sponsoring a few blogs over the upcoming months, this month I am sponsoring Health, Love & Fire so be sure to stop over and check out her awesome blog!

Check out our awesome decorating skills:

Our color scheme was originally gold and green ornaments but the box of ornaments we purchased had some red ornaments included and in the end we decided the tree needed the pop of red to complete it.


Our regular tree also got set up yesterday and unfortunately we have discovered that we have too many ornaments and they don’t all fit on the tree so next year we decided we will make sure we use the ornaments that we didn’t use this year, so they don’t feel left out of course!

And now on to the good stuff, salted caramel cookies! Here are pictures of the cookies through the stages

And for anyone that is curious or doesn’t follow me on Twitter and missed my awesome comparison of me post surgery to the ghost of Marley from the Christmas Carol here is a quick selfie that will give you a laugh!

I hope you guys are enjoying the season and get to spend lots of time with loved ones! I will be posting an outfit this Tuesday so be sure to check back!

yours, Hayley



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