Free For All Friday!

December 20, 2014

Well, I don’t have anything clever to say this week except that I am freezing cold and ready for Summer to be back already!

1. I didn’t do a Tuesday post this week because I announced the winner of the giveaway on my Facebook page! If you missed out the winner was Crafyone and I hope she enjoys her Nourish sample pack!! Thank you again to all of you that entered the giveaway it means a lot! I plan on doing more of these giveaways and I hope you share them with your family and friends so we can get the word out to everyone! I will probably do another giveaway after the New Year so stay tuned!

2. Lets bring a little fashion back into this blog shall we?? It’s not a full styled outfit but I figured I would share this big step in my fashion life, a pantsuit. I never in a million years thought I would buy a pantsuit or a romper or anything but yesterday while I was Christmas shopping I stumbled upon this pantsuit that was on sale plus an extra 50% off at Urban Outfitters so I figured what the heck I’ll try it on and I fell in love! Try to ignore how crappy I look because honestly I was not planning on shopping for myself OR taking any selfies! The jumper has an awesome cutout design that was what caught my eye originally I cannot wait to style it and post it for you guys!

3. Speaking of Christmas shopping how many people put theirs off like I did? I basically started and finished my shopping yesterday, granted I had bought a few things a few weeks ago and then shrugged it off thinking “ehh I still have WEEKS until Christmas!” And now Christmas is right around the corner, 12 days to be exact, and I leave for a two week vacation home in less than one week which meant I really didn’t have much time at all! Thankfully I got almost all my shopping done and I have two more toys to buy and one coffee mug. Also the post office employees know me now because I have gone in there two days in a row with my priority shipping boxes stuffed to the max with Christmas presents to send back home because there just won’t be enough room in my carry-on! Fingers crossed they don’t get lost in the mail! Speaking of Christmas, I know you all want to see an adorable picture of my puppy in a santa dress from last year!

Lets just say I was not her favorite person after this little event.. but it was worth it!

4. Has anyone else fallen ridiculously sick recently? Monday night I just got wicked sick and spent all day Tuesday in bed, thankfully I had the day off work and Wednesday I got told I didn’t need to come in so I went to the doctor and got one of those awesome steroid shots in my bum and a antibiotic shot in my arm. Unfortunately the steroids they prescribed me are messing with my sleep something awful and I haven’t sleep a whole night since sunday, it is now Friday people and I like my sleep. I am not happy. I have tried lavender I have tried keeping myself busy all day so I am not just sitting around being lazy and nothing will do the trick! So word to the wise, wash your hands and cover your mouth because being sick is the pits!

5. This week I have learned a lot about making myself happy, and honestly it is much easier than I thought. I think we all get caught up in what we “need to do” or what other people think we need to do or expect from us and we don’t think enough about how we are feeling. Which sounds totally sappy but honestly roll with me on this, I am someone that wants everyone around me to be okay I will do what it takes to make sure there are no waves because they make me uncomfortable and I didn’t realize the unnecessary stress it was putting on me until I stepped away from it all. By trying to nullify the waves I was getting stepped on and that is not okay, so after taking a step back and taking a day to myself where I didn’t worry about what anyone else needed from me just what I needed from myself I discovered that other peoples waves are none of my business. I don’t have to make waves with people but I also don’t have to concern myself with their waves. That is their issue, so I guess my point here is, make sure this holiday season you take a minute and make sure that YOU’RE happy because if everyone else is happy and you aren’t, well that just isn’t any fun at all and really makes the holidays crappy. Don’t be crappy be happy! See I knew I’d fit a pun in here somewhere!


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