All Nighters..

October 30, 2014

I have been lucky in my academic career at SCAD I have never had to pull an all nighter, there were nights where I didn’t get much sleep but never have I had to stay up for 24 hours to finish a project. Until last night. Last night was my first all nighter and my group and I managed to pull through an in hour 14 straight of slaving away we finished. Now we did not do this because we had been slacking, we had put significant hours in before this, we were just adding finishing details and it seemed like the rubric grew every time we looked at it. But we got it done and we said our good bye’s I was to print it today.

As I was driving home I realized it was almost sunrise, on a whim I dropped my stuff off at my house and got back into my car and headed out to the island. I got to Tybee with ten minutes before the sun was set to rise, and let me tell you the next fifteen minutes were breathtaking. It was peaceful just a few other souls around to enjoy the natural beauty of the sunrise. I was convinced this was a sign that printing my project would go flawlessly and we would have it on our professors desk at five pm when it was due. I was wrong. I got three hours of sleep and pulled my zombie self out of bed to do another look over and spell check of our project before printing and I pull up the google drive and download the file. It’s the unfinished book. Somehow we had saved two versions to the computer and uploaded the wrong one to the google drive. I had to drive to Kohls and get a group members house key, go to her house, grab her computer, go home proof it, get it printed, pick up the how to CD, and drop all of it off on my professors desk at five pm. It was already almost one.

Long story short I managed to get it all done and our project was submitted and now we just have to wait for the final verdict! But I want to share the beautiful images I got of the beach sunrise this morning they are breathtaking.


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